Spraying of lubricant on bike calipers

How to Lubricate a Bicycle

Before using any lubrication on any bike it’s a good idea to ensure the bike is clean and dry. Dirt and grit on the bike can work its way into bearings and cause irreparable damage. So regular cleaning and lubricating is essential to improve efficiency and prolong the life of any bicycle. So here are a few steps for when and where to lubricate your ride.

How to lubricate a Chain

A couple of different lubrication products are available so depending on the type of riding you do will depend on which lubricant you use. Wet lubricant is used for wet weather. This is sticky and designed to keep a protective coating on the chain through wet weather. The downside to this type of lubricant because of its sticky nature can pick grit up which in turn has the potential to causing damage. To reduce risk regular cleaning and reapplying wet lubricant is essential. Dry lube is thinner in nature and can be reapplied more often with less risk of picking grit and dirt up. When you apply the oil to the chain ensure a good generous coating is applied. Leave for five minutes to penetrate the chain. Then with a clean rag run the chain through cleaning all the excess oil off.

Spraying lubricant on rear derailleur

How to spray rear derailleur and Front Mech

Using a spray lubricant spray the main pivots and also give a coating on the spring of the rear derailleur. Jockey wheels : Clean off any built up of oil from the chain and spray a shot of lube into the centre of the wheel. On the rear derailleur their are a lot of moving parts so the basic rule is if it moves spray it. The front mech is simple compared to the rear but still apply the same logic. Like the rear the front also has a spring and pivots so ensure these are also coated.

Spraying lubricant on rear mech

How to service your Brake Levers

Brake levers are often overlooked if these are forgotten can become seized and be extremely dangerous. Like other parts of the bike these also have moving parts and pivots that need lubrication. Pull the lever back to expose the working parts and spray the pivots and also the nipple of the brake cable. Leaving the cable dry can cause it to corrode, fray and even snap.

spraying leavers

How to prevent rust on your Brake Callipers

The brake pivots are assembled with grease but it’s good practice keeping them in good working condition. By giving them a spray of lubricant to keep water from penetrating the pivots and developing rust. Ensure that no lubricant goes on the brake pads or rim of the wheel as this can reduce stopping power.

how to spray lub on brakes

Whats the best way to lubricate brake cables?

Finally give all the cables a spray of lubricant, pay extra care and attention to the entry and exit points where inner cables go into the outer cable. Lubricating these areas not only helps with smooth braking and gear shifting but also prevents the cabling from corroding.

Muc off applied to chain on vintage bike