Bicycle Maintenance

Maintenance on a bicycle is very rewarding and gives great satisfaction. It also gives you extra confidence out on the open road when you are out riding your bike.

New to Maintenance

The starting point is learning the names of the part of a bicycle. It is also worth knowing what tools are required. You may already have enough tools to build up a basic tool kit. I have listed the bike tools I cannot live with out. Keeping your bicycle maintained saves you money, time and also gives you a better cycling experience.

In Bike Tools you will find the list of Bicycle Tools that I use and a good starting point for anyone who wishes to get in to Bike maintenance. A lot of the tools listed can be found around the home, so before you spend your hard earned cash on Bike repair kits make sure you read this.

My Cleaning guide shows you the technique I use to Clean Lubricate and maintain the Bikes that I ride. A How to Clean your bike Video is also available to watch. Keeping your Bicycle Clean is all part of Bike Maintenance.

Bike Check is a list of checks that I do to ensure the Bicycle is safe to ride and also to spot any repairs that need attention. Listed are techniques used to spot any areas of the bicycle that require attention.

Once your Bicycle has been cleaned and degreased, it is important to protect and lubricate the working parts to ensure a smooth ride and to prolong the life of your bike. I list the lubes that I used and how I apply them.

For any Bike Restoration or if you are servicing the bottom bracket, then Crank Removal is essential. Listed are the tools required plus the technique I use to remove a Square Taper Crank and Bottom Bracket. Videos are also available to help you in this process.

Featured Bike Maintenance Video

I get asked a lot exactly how I clean and restore the bicycle frames. This short video shows in more detail the process I use to clean and restore Vintage Bike Frame.