See below a selection of vintage Raleigh Catalogues. The Raleigh Bicycle Company operated in the UK and also the USA. Find below a selection of archive brochures from both crountries. These are in PDF format completely free to down load. 

Raleigh Vintage Catoluge

Below you can also find the history of the bicycle company plus a full Road Bike Restoration Video.

Raleigh UK

Raleigh USA

History of Raleigh

The history for the Raleigh Bicycle company goes back 130 years. The company started in Nottingham UK, but also produced bikes for the mass market in America also.

Not only did Raleigh make some beautiful Road Bikes but they also built some very iconic models such as the BMX Burner, Grifter and Chopper.

The Raleigh name is really known the world round, and company now own several other accessory brands such as Diamondback and RSP.

It all started back in 1887 by Sir Frank Bowden, who purchased a small bicycle company on a Street called Raleigh Street in Nottingham. Yes the Raleigh name was taken simply by the name of the street the shop was on. The actual Raleigh Bicycle Company was formed three years later in 1890. In 1902 Sturmey Archer became part of the Raleigh group, and brought with him the three-speed gear hub, the world’s first practical gearing system. The company went from strength to strength and in 1952 1.2 million pounds was given by the Duke of Edinburgh to extend the Nottingham factory.

In 1960 the Raleigh company merged with the TI Group which included the Phillips, Hercules, Norman and Sun brands. This was a significant move by Raleigh making them the world’s largest producers of the two wheeled bicycle.

In the 1980’s seen great success in the grand Road bike tours winning many races. Some very iconic bike colour schemes include the Raleigh Ti Creda, Raleigh Panasonic and the Raleigh Super U teams. The Raleigh company is still operating to this day but unfortunately the great factory that once was, got demolished is 2002.

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