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Below is a selection of historic Vintage Peugeot Bicycle brochures, these are in PDF format and are completely free to down load for your reference

Peugeot Netherlands

Peugeot is a French based company that dates back to 1858. The company was started by a water mill manufacturer named Jean Pequignot Peogeot he used profits from this to expand his steelworks. At first he started with the production of knives and forks but then later went on to produce bicycles in 1882. The first bikes off the Peugeot production line was the iconic Penny Farthing with its huge front direct drive wheel.

By the first world war Peugeot was producing over 60,000 bikes a year, not only that they had started producing of automobiles also. In 1955 it is recorded that the Peugeot was building a staggering 220,000 bikes a year, not only that they had hit 100,000 vehicles too. Peugeot realised the importance of sponsoring race teams and the influence they have on the market and by 1896 Paul Bourillon won the world sprint championship on a Peugeot race Bike.

They continued with success in 1905 in the famous Tour De France winning many stages and also backing the winner Louis Troussellier. Peugeot went on with its success in the tour de France for many years and even rewritten the history books when they won the tour a staggering ten times.

Peugeot kept with components made in France even when the rest of the world was being dominated by the two main providers Camagnolo and Shimano. A lot of the vintage bikes you will find the likes of Simplex derailleurs and Mafac brakes. Peugeot now have factories all over the world and have a vast range of bicycles available with different models for different parts of the world.

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