See below a selection of vintage Motobecane Catalogues. The Motobecane Bicycle Company operated in France. Find below a selection of archive brochures. These are in PDF format completely free to down load.

Below you can also find the history of the bicycle company plus a full Road Bike Restoration Video.

Motobécane a French based company which started off manufacturing motorcycles. Motobécane designed their first motorcycle in 1923 and went on to be the largest manufacturer in France. In the 1960’s sales decreased due to cars becoming more affordable.

The company also produced Bicycles and was the first French based company to start using Japanese components in the 1970’s. This was a very smart move by the company due to the reliability of the Japanese parts which later went on to dominate the cycling world.

The Bicycle Frames were typically double butted frames manufactured from either the world famous Reynolds 531 or Vitus tubing.

The company really stood out from the rest of the French Bike manufactures for the quality of the finish on their bikes and even used Swiss bottom brackets. Vintage French Bikes traditionally used the right hand threaded type which made them subject to loosening, the Swiss threaded bottom brackets however were reverse thread the same as the English ones making them more reliable. 

Motobécane was classed as the second best manufacture of bicycles in France behind Peugeot. The Motobécane range of bikes included the Nomade, Super Touring the Mirage and also the Super Mirage, the Sprint the Super Sprint, Le Champion plus the Team Champion to name a few.

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