Selection of Vintage Gazelle Catalogues. The Bicycle Company operate in the Netherlands and Worldwide. Find below a selection of archive bicycle brochures. These are in PDF format completely free to down load. You will also find the History of the company plus historic video footage.

Gazelle Bicycles

The Vintage Gazelle Bike Brochures are dated by year and are in PDF format completely FREE to download for your reference. i hope that this helps you in your research. Also see below is the History of the company.

The History of the Gazelle Bicycle Company

The Gazelle Bicycle Company started in 1892 by Willem Kölling who was a postal manager. He started out slowly by producing one bicycle. Trade grew and in turn formed a partnership with Smith Rudolf Arentsen.

Gazelle Bicycle Name

The actual name Gazelle was not formed until 1902. The story has it while the partners was out for a walk in the woods saw a roebuck pass in front of them. The animal’s speed and grace impressed them. Giving them the idea of using the name Gazelle, which is one of the quickest species of antelope.

Gazelle grown from strength to strength and became a leading international business. From a small acorn a great oak tree grew, the Gazelle Bicycle Company became the largest bicycle brand in the Netherlands.

From 1920 to the 1940s Gazelle exported bicycles to Asia. To this day Gazelle bicycles are used in many parts of Indonesia. The video below shows the Gazelle factory in 1925 and production techniques.

In the 1930’s Gazelle developed a collapsible bicycle and also produced a tandem bicycle. In 1937 the company also produced its first electric bicycle which was in collaboration with the electrical giant Phillips.

Gazelle in 1954 hit 1 million bikes produced and became a public company. The company also produced the first 3-Speed grip shift gear system and put a paten on the system.

In the 1960’s Gazelle developed the Special Racing Division. This department was in house at their Dieren factory in the Netherlands. The department produced hand built race frames. It consisted of 35 talented employees.

One of the most well known and successful frames produced by Gazelle is the Champion Mondial Model. This frame was used by the racing team TVM in the 1980’s and was ridden to success in many races.

In 1992 the company had produced a staggering eight million bicycles. Princess Margriet classified the company Royal Gazelle celebrating the companies success.

The company was acquired by Con Holdings in 2011. Co-owner of the Cervélo bicycle brand. The company to this day still produce bicycles and have produced well over thirteen million bicycles.


I hope that this information has been helpful for you with your research, Vintage bicycle catalogues are a great reference point for any bike restoration project.