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Colnago Bicycles

You can also find the history of the bicycle company plus a full Road Bike Restoration Video on this page below.

Colnago one of the most prestigious names in cycling. From the late 1960’s through to the1970s Colnago was regarded as the worlds best road bike race frames. The Company was founded by Ernesto Colnago who is based in Italy. Ernesto opened his bicycle shop in 1952 and within the first year of opening produced his very first road bike frame.

At the time he was also the second mechanic in the Giro d’italic for the Nivea team in 1955. Ernesto then became the head mechanic for the famous Molten team working directly with the legend Eddy Merckx in 1963. Colnago later went on to build frames under the Eddy Merckx name. It wasn’t till 1970 when a win by Michele Dandelli under the Molten name inspired him to change the logo to what we know today, the famous Ace of Clubs.

In 1983 after his frames were criticised for not being stiff enough, Ernesto then went on to develop the famous Master frames with crimped tubing to give extra stiffness. These frames are still very sort after and are still in production to this day. These bikes are not only very fast racing machines but are also like a piece of art. The video below shows a Vintage Colnago Master Piu being built up with a 11 speed groupset.

The company has also collaborated with the Ferrari racing car company, to push the envelope of design and technology within the cycling world to produce some stunning race bikes. Ernesto Colnago has even produced a gold plated bike for the pope.

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